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[Part V]

"Artie!", Al shouted almost throwing the controller at me and gave me a pointed look."You said you don't know how to play!"

"I'm a fast learner, what can I say?", I laughed at his pouting expression and patted his back."You'll do better at another game."

~Trouble in Terrorist town~

"I'm the best detective the world has ever seen!", Alfred said proudly and pointed at himself.

"Then can I stick to you? I'm still trying to find a weapon and bloody hell are they rare on this map.", I asked sweetly trying to hide a smirk behind the laptop ('cause I'm a traitor and you shouldn't trust anybody, not even friends) and he just nodded.

After I finally found a gun I stuck to his side for the whole game, killing everyone that came too close for my comfort, under the cover of being a newbie. I'm surprised that nobody got suspicious. I continued to do this (barely missing another detective's head) until we were down to four. A suicide bomb later and it was just the two us.

"Al, I need some health. I was hit by a sniper earlier and I didn't notice.", I told him and ran in front of him.

"Okie-dokie!", he grinned then opened a tab to buy the health station but I shot him before he could buy it, winning the round."Not fair!"

~Bloody Trapland~

"why am I a pink bear?!", I exclaimed annoyed and hit Al's foot with my own."How the bloody hell happened this?"

"You chose your color.", the teen replied with a shrug of his shoulders and threw me a quick smirk."Now let's start!"

As soon as we started the game, I jumped on his head. His blood sprayed everywhere and while he spawned again and looked confused at his screen I ran off to the next level, almost falling off the platform.

The level wasn't as long as it seemed at a first look. It contained two platforms (the starting one and the one with the red arrow) and between them was a gap with spikes at the bottom, low jumps, double jumps, and at the very end a lave pit, everything protected by a laser gun.

"I'm going first!", I announced and went ahead, jumping through the level efortless."Don't remain behind!"

"I'm not!", the American laughed and ran after me but touched a spike with his head from a low jump and exploded into pixeled blood.

I chuckled and continued to watch the green bear run around, go through half of the level then die at the very end.

"I give up!". the gamer huffed and crossed his arms after another ten minutes of dying countless times.

"Braaaaaiiiiiinnnn damage!", I shouted almost falling off the couch in a fit of laughter."After how many times you hit the low jumps with your head..."

"That's not funny...", came the mumbled reply.

"It is for me because I can't believe how many times you died.", I smiled while trying to see the bears in the pool of pixeled blood.


"I found iron!", I sang while digging the ore with a stone pickaxe until it ran out."Bollocks! I need another one."

"Here. Use mine while I make some torches.", my friend chuckled, threw me his pickaxe and went to the other side of the error chunk generated land to use the workbench."And you mean silver, right?"

"Whatever. I hope you didn't spawn the coal or the wood seeing as you lost the only sapling we will ever see from the tree we started with.", I warned him in a low voice and glared at him past the screens of our laptops.

"No...? I didn't spawn the coal and the wood is from that tree.", the minecraftian said in a sheepish tone and scratched the back of his head.

"You don't sound so sure about this.", I responded curious and annoyed at the same time while watching the last leaves disappear with our only hope for a sapling.

"I'm going to make a cobblestone generator.", my companion announced me while searching through a chest.

"Do you even know how to make that?", I asked him with an amused look as he tried anyway.

"It works~", the American cheered as he mined the first cobblestone block."Aren't you gonna say anything?"

"...I'm impressed. I'm actually impressed that it works.", I muttered surprised that he got it in one go.

"Yep! And now for a little bit of revenge because you didn't believed me.", Al said with a smirk and before I could react he pushed me off the platform.

EnglishTea fell out of the world

"Ups! Didn't mean to do that.", the little devil said in mock surprised and grinned at me."Although revenge is sweet. No worries. You'll spawn back here."

EnglishTea fell out of the world

"Oh? I just saw you fall again. That's weird.", the teen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face."Do you think our spawn point was removed?"

EnglishTea fell out of the world

"You bloody-"

EnglishTea fell out of the world

"-git! Tp-"

EnglishTea fell out of the world

"-me back!"

"/Tp EnglishTea TheHero.", Alfred muttered while writing and I was back on stable ground.

"I hate you.", I replied looking at him for a second then went to a chest, took a pickaxe and started to mine the cobble stone.

"Says the one that uses my generator.", the gamer laughed then started to chase an unlucky chicken around with a shovel."When you see a chicken, you gotta hit it with a shovel~ Hit that chicken with a shovel~"

~BattleBlock Theatre~

"Help me get up there, you git!",I said through gritted teeth.

I growled while jumping and trying to reach the platform the donut was sitting on. He kept giving me a hand so I could jump up but he took it back at the last moment.

After another minute of useless tries I changed my weapon then shot it towards the wall creating a makeshift ladder then went up, switched my weapon again and burnt him alive.

"You're mean!", Al whined and tried to push me but I jumped out of the way, landing on a button."You did it on purpose!"

"Nope. Just luck.", I purred so I could mask my laughter that was trying to escape.

When I landed on the button, a platform appeared under him and saved his arse from falling in the orange juice ('cause he was standing on exploding blocks) but at the same time let free a beam of light which killed him and also set free the giggles trapped inside by me.

"On the other hand...", I told him between gulps of air from how hard I was laughing, tears forming at the corner of my eyes from it."...I knew what the button did."

"I hate you.", Alfred pouted pushing me off the button and onto spikes.

"That wasn't nice from you either.", I mimicked with a serious tone although it was kind of hard with him pouting."But on with the level."

I went ahead using the to make-shift ladders or the frog to go across the orange juice. I was almost at the end when my character stopped moving and I realized that the controller's battery ran out.

"Hey Alfred.", I nudged him with my foot to get his attention."Give me batteries."

"Sure. Wait a sec.", the teen nodded and went to get them but not before finishing the level and using a weapon to drag me into the end too.

"Bloody git.", I sighed and rubbed my eyes.

"Sorry, but I don't have any left.", he came back announcing me with a sad look.

"Don't worry about it.", I shook my head and gave him a smile."It's late anyway."

Alfred smiled tiredly, wordlessly turning off the gaming station and went to bed. I followed him, but not before I put everything where it had been before. When I entered his room, I found him sleeping soundly and deciding it's not a bad idea I crawled in his bed then curled up next to him.

"Good night Alfred.", I whispered and snuggled just a little bit closer.

Of course that in the morning I will blame my feline instincts for this.
Hi there! As you can probably see (if not go and read the chapter again) this chapter is full of references. Who can see all of them? Who can name all of them? Leave a comment with what you spotted and see how well you did~

This chapter is happening in the same day as the previous one but a little bit later.

Also Al has two laptops and they stay at a table facing each other, just saying so it would (hopefully) make sense why they can play some games without having to go to an internet café and some other stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or any of the games Arthur and Alfred played in this chapter.

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Although yes I see Arthur more of a person who likes reading instead of gaming, he can be pretty good at games too! :meow: Even more when he has Alfred as a 'teacher' on what is gaming. 
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